Tourism New Zealand x Social Influence

We are adapting to a different (weird) way of living, and this has undoubtedly come with compromises for many. Travel is an industry that has come to a standstill in various countries as it is not safe to travel. I enjoy travelling lots, and it is an interest I have withdrawal symptoms from not being able to travel at the moment. I created this blog to highlight the different PR campaigns across the world and to celebrate their achievements.

Tourism New Zealand created and produced a campaign targeted towards people etc. influencers wanting the perfect snapshot for their social media platforms in locations that are already known to residents.

The campaign aims to generate awareness and interest in the incredible things New Zealand has to offer away from the usual social media pictures. One of the objectives is to change people’s attitudes and behaviour. It highlights the risks people can take to make the ‘perfect’ picture without realising the danger it can pose to themselves and others.

This campaign followed their previous launch campaign in May 2020. Residents were encouraged to holiday into the country to increase domestic tourism while borders are closed to international visitors. Tourism New Zealand invited users to use the hashtag #DoSomethingNewNZ on photos to win a $500 domestic travel voucher. Social media site Instagram has helped drive the popularity of scenic spots the country offers its residents.

 “Tourists were often so “fixated” on photo opportunities that they put themselves in harm’s way.”

(Department of Conservation, 2021)

Tourism New Zealand perfectly executed the campaign. The tone of the key message was a mixture of seriousness and humour with comedian, Tom Sainsbury featuring in the video message. Visit Britain could implement something similar to this campaign in the United Kingdom when the lockdown is relaxed to allow more freedom around the country. Social influence is affecting us in one way or another, but think differently, explore more new places when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for taking to read my first PR Travel Blog

I can’t wait to bring you more exciting content to read and share within the public relations industry, and beyond.

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Katie Hull

(Diaries of a PR Travel Girl)

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